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Ewen Chardronnet

Artist, curator


Biography : Ewen Chardronnet is an author, journalist, curator and investigative artist. He has since the early 90s participated in many artistic endeavors and published as an essayist in numerous publications & magazines. He is co-founder of The Laboratory Planet journal and artists group (with Bureau d'études). Their latest project is the Aliens in Green theater-laboratory, an ongoing project in collaboration with Špela Petrič and Mary Maggic. Ewen is active in the field of space culture for twenty years and recently released Mojave Epiphanie (Inculte, March 2016), a non-fiction narrative on the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

ROSCOSMOE : the Open Clinostat

Abstract : Roscosmoe aims to develop and design a series of experiences and bioregenerative life-support systems to assess the behavior of symbiotic marine organisms in a variety of gravitational environments, including zero-gravity conditions. One of the objectives of Roscosmoe is to develop an Open hardware 3D Clinostat, a microgravity simulation tool used for the behavioral study of living organisms.
The Open Clinostat 3D project is developed in the fablab Platform C with the members of the PING association of Nantes and the support of the Federation - Open Space Makers initiative, the support of the CNES and the M3 laboratory of the Roscoff Marine Station (CNRS - Sorbonne Universités).
The interdisciplinary project Roscosmoe aims to study the potential of terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the field of space research. It connects marine biology, design, anthropology of science and intermedia art.

caption : Roscosmoe, a project rooted in Roscoff, Brittany, France (credit Miha Tursič)


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  • Ewen Chardronnet, Mojave Epiphanie, Inculte, Paris, 2016.


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