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Space Art, Science and Culture
Of Some Visions in/for the 21st Century

a Leonardo/Olats Workshop
March 23rd - 24th 2019

(by invitation only)

co-organised by Annick Bureaud and Ewen Chardronnet

avec le soutien //
with the support of Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso

Information on the participants and their presentation by clicking on their portrait.

  Annick Bureaud
Annick Bureaud
Directrice Leonardo/Olats
Art critic and Curator
  Ewen Chardronnet
Ewen Chardronnet
Artist, curator
Bernard Foing
Bernard Foing
ESA Senior Scientist
executive director of ILEWG
SMART-1 Lead scientist
EuroMoonMars manager
Prof VU Amsterdam
  Andy Gracie
Andy Gracie
Independent artist
  Damien Hartmann
Damien Hartmann
President Open Space Makers
Eléonore Hellio
Eléonore Hellio
  Barbara Imhof
Dr. Barbara Imhof
LIQUIFER Systems Group
image credit: Alexandra Eitzinger, 2017
  Stavros Katsanevas
Stavros Katsanevas
Professor University Paris Diderot
Director European Gravitational Observatory
Ulrike Kuchner
Dr Ulrike Kuchner
MA University of Nottingham,
School of Physics and Astronomy
  Rob La Frenais
Rob La Frenais
Independent curator and author
  Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk
Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk
PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication, Media and Design, National Research University, Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
Vanessa Lorenzo
Vanessa Lorenzo
Independent designer and artist
Art and Science workshopologist
  Roger Malina
Roger Malina
"Portrait on the fly" (by Mignonneau & Sommerer)

Distinguished Professor of Arts and Technology and Professor of Physics
UT Dallas and Executive Editor
Leonardo Publications MIT Press
  Regina de Miguel
Regina de Miguel
Artist, researcher and teacher
Susmita Mohanty
Susmita Mohanty
Co-Founder&CEO, Earth2Orbit
Co-Founder&Principal, LIQUIFER Systems Group
Photo Credit: Siddharth Da
  Marko Peljhan
Marko Peljhan
Artist, international coordinator SPACE-SI, director SYSTEMICS LAB, chair MAT @ UCSB
  Sarah Jane Pell
Sarah Jane Pell
Artist Astronaut
Visiting Associate Professor, RMIT University
Adjunct Associate Professor (Research), Monash University
  Miha Tursic
Miha Turšič
Artist and Researcher
Waag, KSEVT, Postgravityart
  Marco Volponi
Marco Volponi

After the dreams, enthusiasm, skills and knowledge of the 20th Century that put humans in outer space -be it directly or indirectly with probes, satellites, and other scientific instruments- what are the current visions and approaches of and for space art, science and culture as we have entered the 21st Century and the "Age of Anthropocene" on Earth?

With the Leonardo Space and the Arts Workshops that took place between 1997 and 2004 and the delocalized events of 2005, Leonardo/Olats contributed to make the "space art community" visible to itself and to promote the artists involved in this field. It brought together not only artists, but also scientists, space engineers, space lawyers and ethicist, curators and teachers and helped frame exchanges and collaborations.
Nowadays, this field is blossoming with numerous projects and activities ocuring around the world.
Fourteen years later and well into the 21st century, Leonardo/Olats is questionning anew the field of space art, science and culture by reconvening and proposing a new series of workshops.

This first workshop (only by invitation), taking place at the house of rocket scientist pioneer and Leonardo founder Frank Malina, proposes to address two main threads:

  • Space in the 21st Centuy, what for?
    From Space Habitat, to Space Tourism and Space Ecology
    This thread discusses questions such as: What do we want to do in space and why? What kind of space habitat are we envisionning? Is space tourism such a great idea? What would be a space ecology and a sustainable access to space? What kind of art are we interested to deploy and create? Should we move on with our previous approaches or can we already witness new alternative visions?

  • Art, Culture and Space Sciences
    Where do space sciences stand in relation to art and culture ?
    Under the term "space sciences" we mean both sciences done in/from space and sciences about space achieved in space or from Earth. This includes science done in space to take advantage of micro gravity condition, earth science done from space but also astonomy be it done from space or on earth (from landing a probe on a comet, to robots on Mars, to detecting gravitational waves, to name just recent iconic achievements).
    Even before sending art into space or creating art in relation to the human presence into space, Astronomical art has been one of the founding branches of "space art", depicting our "Visions of Space". In this thread, we discuss new approaches and programmes dealing with art related to contemporary astronomy on the one hand and to space sciences as defined here on the other.







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