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13h30: Welcome coffee

14h: Introduction

  • Roger Malina
  • Annick Bureaud

14h30-15h30: Space Biology & Ecology
Moderator : Annick Bureaud

  • Marco Volponi, ESA
    An Overview of the MELiSSA Project
  • Miha Turšič, Artist and Researcher
    From Space Technology to Space Ecology
  • Ewen Chardronnet, Artist and Curator
    Roscosmoe, the Open Clinostat

15h30-16h30: Biology, Geology and Laboratories
Moderator : Ewen Chardronnet

  • Andy Gracie, Independent Artist
    Space by Proxy
  • Vanessa Lorenzo, Independent Designer and Artist
    Always Calling Home
  • Regina de Miguel, Artist, Researcher and Teacher Aura Nera

16h30-17h: Coffee break

17h00-18h30: Space in Culture
Moderator : Roger Malina

  • Stavros Katsanevas, Professor University Paris Diderot, Director European Gravitational Observatory Universe 2.0
  • Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk, Associate Professor, National Research University, Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
    Showing the Unimaginable. Space Knowledge in the Media: between Public Science and Artistic Creativity.
  • Ulrike Kuchner, University of Nottingham, School of Physics and Astronomy
    What lies at the intersection of art and science?
  • Rob La Frenais, Independent Curator and Author
    Manifesto For A Republic Of The Moon

18h30-19h30 : Drinks to celebrate end of Day 1


SUNDAY, MARCH 24th 2019

9h30: Welcome coffee

10h00-11h00 : Space Habitat
Moderator : Annick Bureaud

  • Bernard Foing, ESA/ESTEC, ILWEG
  • Sarah Jane Pell, Artist Astronaut Spatial Performance Environment Creative Training Realities for Astronauts (SPECTRA)
  • Barbara Imhof, LIQUIFER Systems Group (via skype) ɛkspɪˈdɪʃ(ə)ns

11h00-11H15 : Break

11h15-12h15: New Space / Open Space
Moderator : Roger Malina

  • Susmita Mohanty, CEO, Earth2Orbit, LIQUIFER Systems Group
    India's Stellar Journey: A Rocket on a Bicycle to Mars-shot
  • Damien Hartmann, President Open Space Makers
    "Federation - Space for and with all"

12h15-14h00 : Lunch

14h00-15h00: Culture & Politics Moderator : Ewen Chardronnet

  • RYBN (Kevin Bartoli + Marika Dermineur), Extradisciplinary research platform
    "The Great Offshore : Luxembourg"
  • Eléonore Hellio, Artist
    Kongo Astronauts
  • Marko Peljhan, Artist, International Coordinator SPACE-SI, Director SYSTEMICS LAB, Chair MAT @ UCSB

15h00-15h15: Restitution of the Cartography of Our " Visions ", by Miha Turšič

15h15-15h30: Coffee break

15h30-17h20 : Series of panel
Moderators : Ewen Chardronnet, Miha Turšič, Annick Bureaud

(distribution of participants in each panel to be revealed right before the coffee break!)

15h30-16h: Panel 1

16h10-16h40: Panel 2

16h50-17h20: Panel

17h20-17h30: Closing words, Roger Malina

End of Day 2

The Leonardo/Olats Workshop "Space Art, Science and Culture - Of Some Visions in/for the 21st Century" is suported by the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation.


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